Emilia’s has just launched in St Katharine Docks!!

Emilias has just launched in St Katharine Docks Image
Following on from our 4 day soft launch (between 24th and 28th November) we officially launched Emilia’s on the 29th November.

Firstly, let me welcome you on our pasta journey – our aim is to make pasta the hero again! No more pasta as a side dish or one that isn’t given much attention. Say hello to pasta, freshly made, dried and crafted every morning in full view of passers by. We have spent over 18 months researching everything from the science of pasta to the materials that comprise our premises and interior design to recreate a traditional rustic Italian pasta restaurant with a modern twist to it in the heart of St Katharine Docks. We want you to feel back in Italy when dining with us.

Secondly, our website and social media will complement our pasta restaurant providing insights into making proper Italian pasta, various recipes for cooking pasta at home (expected early 2017) as well as learning more about the ‘Italian pasta experience’. Please follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to experience this exciting journey through the magical world of pasta…

We hope you enjoy your visits to our pasta bar and look forward to welcoming you soon.

Salute! 🙂