1. Do you have gluten free pasta?

No, all our pastas have gluten in them, however, some of our antipasti and market greens are gluten free. Please note that every care is taken to avoid any cross contamination, however, we cannot give any guarantees as there’s plenty of flour involved in the pasta making process.

2. What is the difference between fresh and dried pasta?

Our pasta myths section explains the difference and shows you the importance of pairing sauces with the perfect shape and type of pasta.

3. I’ve heard about your chef’s tables and want to be involved. How can I?

Every day a few lucky customers are seated amidst the action at one of our chef’s tables experiencing the smells, sounds and sights of fresh Italian pasta being cooked right in front of them.

4. Do you deliver?


5. Do you do take away?

No, but most customers are served within 15 minutes

6. Do you run pasta making classes?

We will do in the future. Please see our pasta masterclass section to register your interest.

7. Can I book a table?

Half the restaurant is available for bookings on all days of the week, whilst the other half is kept for walk ins. Please contact us to make a booking or should you have any special requests.