One-year anniversary: a few words to share…

Emilias Crafted Pasta Bar Image

13 months later and Emilia’s is still breathing life, developing from a new born into a toddler and we’re busier than ever before!! From Metro reviews, Time Out features, Sorted Food videos and Olive magazine featuring us in their top 5 Italian restaurants in London. It’s been a hectic year getting fresh pasta to be the hero again.

Firstly, let me thank all of you who have supported us through this extremely turbulent year and journey: we’ve had multiple floods, all our equipment has failed on us, we’ve had staff disappear, contracts broken and much much more (but we’ll keep the rest of this conversation for another time).

It wouldn’t be without our guests, core team, friends and family, partners, photographers, engineers, builders who have helped and supported us at the toughest times that has allowed us to pull through no matter what. At Emilia’s we like to say there are no excuses for anything, ever – we always at deliver 110%.

It’s so exciting and fulfilling to see the Emilia’s brand resonating with so many of you from different countries, backgrounds and demographics. This coming year we have a lot of exciting things in the pipeline including many more specials for you to taste (from our famous parmesan balls, to our special Bolognese and other inventions from the Emilia’s kitchen). We may even share glimpses of Emilia’s v2.0 sometime in 2018, so keep an eye on this blog😉

At Emilia’s our staff work extremely hard to create amazing experiences for our guests, that’s what drives and motivates all of us. Our staff really appreciate all the little things: compliments directly to the chefs, conversations and getting to know our guests, etc. That’s what makes it all worth it for us at Emilia’s, thank you again for those of you who make the extra effort to share your time and lives with us😊

Wishing each one of you a very happy Christmas and New Year – festive greetings from all of us at Emilia’s and see you all in 2018!!😊